Long-span glued wooden structures (LSGWS) is a monolitic set of wooden components of fixed parameters and configuration joint together with glue layer. LGWGS are aimed at fulfilling carrying, fencing and decorative fucntions in construction structures.





Examples of buildings constructed on the basis of LSGWS

Long-span glued wooden structures (LSGWS)
Long-span glued wooden structures (LSGWS)
Long-span glued wooden structures (LSGWS)
Long-span glued wooden structures (LSGWS)
Long-span glued wooden structures (LSGWS)

Main kinds of structures constructed using LSGWS:

  • Beams
  • Frames
  • Trusses
  • Arcs

Using long-span wooden glued structures in construction works provides for:

Considerable economic attractivness. Using LSWGS in construction of long-span buildings allows to decrease coating expenditures to 10-30%, total design and construction expenditures to 15-25%, and maintenance expenditures to 20-70% in comparison to metal and reinforced concrete.

Construction speed. Prefabrication of most structures' components and highly developed integration technology allow to complete contruction works in very short terms .

Possibility to produce structures of any size and form. We provide original designer's concept which makes additional finishng works unnecessary.

Possibiity of overlapping large (more than 100 m) spans with low load on bearings and founfation.

Possibility to store chemically aggressive substances. Exploitation terms of storages built using LSWGS are several times higher while their exploitation expenses are considerably lower than those of traditional metal or reinforced concerete structures.

High fire resistance of buildings. Low rate of carbonization of glued wood during fire (about 0,7 mm/min) and low thermal conduction guarantee rigidity of structures during fire for a long time. Usually, design section of structures provide fire resistance of buildings for up to 30 minutes.

Environmental friendliness. Wood provides lower power consumption, it is able to influence the level of humidity inside the house and has a positive psychological effect because it is natural material.

These unique qualities of long-span glued wooden structures are the reason for their worldwide use.

Considering construction expenses comes first when choice of construction type is being made.
Сomparison of different construction materials has proved that wood is a highly competitve material both in terms of construction and maintenance.

Best result of construction process can be reached if wood is taken into consideration at the very first stage of designing.

Advantages of long-span glued wooden structures(LSGWS)

  • high level of factory prefabrication
  • structures' light weight coupled with their high endurance
  • ability to cover long spans (more than 100 m)
  • ability to create ply-curve elements (up to 30 m)
  • manufacturability of different size and form item production
  • high presision of structures' sizes
  • easy mechanical processing
  • short tems of construction works
  • easy strcutures' assembling and processing at construction site
  • environmental friendliness, good aesthetic qualities, and positive effect of natural material
  • high artistic value of the wooden texture
  • high fire resistance
  • high resistance to aggressive medium
  • high heat reflective qualities and low heat conduction
  • high seismic resistance and radio transparency
  • high acoustic qualities
  • dielectric properties
  • absence of shrinkage or cracking
  • ability to hold nails, good glue adhesion
  • considerable economic attractiveness
  • low power consumption for raw materials processing and structure contruction
  • low man-hour expenditures for construction and installation
  • low transportation, assembling and maintenance expenditures
  • off-season application
  • raw materials base refill

A special advantage of wood construction is the high speed of construction works.

Dry construction in combination with high prefabrication condition of the details and high conjugation technique allow to manufacture a building that will be fully ready for maintenance in extremely short terms.